The Interlab project

The Interlab Project (IP) was devoted to the creation of databases on the availability of biological materials in Italian and European laboratories. It was funded for the period 1990-92 by the Italian Ministry for University and Scientific and Technological Research as part of a program aimed at the improvement of information infrastructure for research, and is now supported by the National Institute for Cancer Research (IST) of Genova, Italy, with internal resources.

Two original databases have been created and are still available to the scientific community:

A hypertextual version of CLDB, HyperCLDB, is available, with the possibility of Free text search and a Cell line main index.

The Interlab Cell Line Collection (ICLC) operates at the Advanced Biotechnology Center of Genoa and offers to the Italian researchers a resource for the authentication, distribution and deposition of certified human and animal cell lines. ICLC has been recognized as International Deposit Authority for cell lines and hybridomas, under the Budapest Treaty.

For information, get in touch with:

Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul Cancro,
c/o Centro Biotecnologie Avanzate, Torre B - Piano 2
Largo Rosanna Benzi, 10 - I-16132 Genova - Italy Tel: +39-0105558-289, Fax: +39-0105558-293