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NCI-H929 (human, Caucasian, multiple myeloma)

SPECIES: human, Caucasian
TUMOR: multiple myeloma

DSMZ catalog code: ACC 163
Morphology: single, round to oval cells or clustered in small clumps in suspension
Description: human multiple myeloma established from the pleural effusion of a 62-year-old white woman with myeloma (IgAkappa) at relapse; cells were described as follows: cells synthesize high amounts of immunoglobulin, c-myc proto-oncogene is rearranged and c-myc RNA is expressed, cells are EBV-negative; patented cell line confirmed as human with IEF of AST, MDH, NP, PEP B
Viruses: ELISA: reverse transcriptase negative; PCR: EBV-, HBV-, HCV-, HHV-8-, HIV-, HTLV-I/II-
Depositor: obtained from ATCC (CRL 9068), Rockville, Maryland, USA
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Availability in cell line catalogues: ATCC: CRL 9068, ECACC: 95050415

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