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MOLT-4 (human, lymphocyte, T, leukemia, acute lymphoblastic)

Continuous culture, grown as suspension
lymphoblast-like morphology
SPECIES: human (male, 19 years old)
TISSUE/ORGAN: lymphocyte, T
TUMOR: leukemia, acute lymphoblastic
tumorigenic in nude mice
Susceptibility to viruses: alpha viruses * measles
PROPERTIES: antigen presentation; biochemical markers; antitumour testing; biochemistry; immunology; tumor cytotoxicity; tumorigenicity; differentiation; target line; cytotoxicity; virology

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Availability in cell line catalogues: ATCC: CRL 1582, ICLC: HTL99025, ECACC: 85011413, IZSBS: BS TCL 85, DSMZ: ACC 362

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